Buying your first Domain Name, What is the big deal about a dot com anyway?

Today with out being on the internet you are basically nothing, virtually invisible to most customers and almost an outcast when you tell customers that you still don't have a website.

But what is a business owner supposed to do?

Do people actually expect you to spend time on your business and work for the money you make? Surely that can't be true, what happened to America, the land of the FREE and the home of the Lazy?

Not having a website is like not having a business at all.

It only costs a few dollars and takes just a few minutes to secure "" so you can begin competing with the rest of the world that is already online.

Start searching for your web domain now.

At we will provide resources to explain how domains work, legal questions, domain advice and the ability to buy domains that you want.

Our tools will help you look for domain names that are available and suggest possible alternative names that might be better, simpler or just more popular.

Getting the right domain name for your business is not easy and it is even harder when people just don't understand what it is or how it works.

We have how to articles on what it all means and how to make heads or tails out of the whole domain issue.

Why can't you have the name you want or why some has it and wants $10,000 for it even though they are not using it.

Our articles explore the options that a business owner has and will help guide them though the domain registration process and managing that domain for many years in the future.

And it's not just about buying the right domain name for your website, you have to keep it.

There are legal challanges, registration payments and rules that goven how you use the domain and manage it. Someting as simple as not having accurate contact information filed with the registrar could cost you your domain.

Domain names are regulated Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers also know as ICANN.

ICANN will be involved in domain disputes and domain policy and well as managing the root name servers that make sure when people type in your name they get to your website.

It is all a lot more complicated that just paying $10 to use a name, so making sure that you get the right name can make or break a business.

When it coes to trademarks and patents, lawyers have always done extensive searches and research to detemine if names could be used. But with the internet being used by everyone, people are uneducated and uninformed as to the rights of using certain names.

Just becuase walmart uses and is available does not mean you can use it legaly and if you did, you would be closed down and sued into bankruptcy for trying to use it.

So understanding the law in general as well as domain name regulations is am imporatnt factor in choosing a domain name in the first place.

We will try to educate people and explain rights, concerns and best practices for finding the right dot com name for you business.

  • Should you buy the .net, ,org as well as the .com to prevent other people from using your name?
  • Should you trademark a name?
  • Should you buy more than one name for a website?
  • How does the name affect youir placement in the search engines?

All of this questions are answered in the articles here at